Seattle Carriage Rides @ Christmas!!!!
Our  Seattle carriage rides at Christmas start the day after Thanksgiving.
Our standard Christmas in Seattle rides start at 4th Ave.  
between Pike and Pine.  Carriages are lined up waiting for fares.
Passengers are to load from the first available carriage.  Carriages will
hold up to 4 adults and a few kids, or 6 smaller sized adults.   If any
questions call in the mornings to talk with a live person.  It is unfair to
the horses this time of the year to overload a carriage and we can't do that
any longer.  

Please note our new pricing.  Our expenses have sky rocketed taking care
of our horses.  Our 3 remaining owners have agreed that for our end of the
business we must do this. As of 12-08-12 our new rates apply.

Our Seattle carriage rides during our Christmas Season are short rides. It
averages a 15 min ride, depending on traffic and the time of day.  The price
runs $35.00/carriage, no reservations are accepted for our short ride.  It is
first come first serve.

We do accept reservations at Christmas for our 1/2 hour and our 1 hour
ride.  The longer rides include 5th and 6th Ave. (the best of  our Christmas  
lights). $80.00 1/2hr and $150.00 an hour.  An additional benefit for a
reservation  is....   
No waiting in lines.

Please call for further information, and availability....
These quotes are for the downtown Seattle area.  At Christmas
we all work uptown.  No carriages will be along Seattle's waterfront.

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Christmas in Seattle, Christmas carriages, Seattle carriage rides
Christmas in Seattle,  Our rides start on the SW corner of
4th Ave and Pine.  The same side of the street as Macy's
department store.  We are directly across the street from
the Holiday Carousel for the kids.  
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Christmas in Seattle, Seattle carriage rides, Christmas carriage rides
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Any additional questions we can answer at this time please
call our farm number and we will try to return you call.  At
times phone tag is very difficult.  Mornings are usually the
best time to get ahold of us.
Christmas in Seattle, Christmas carriage rides, Seattle carriage rides
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