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Bride, wedding carriage
Wedding carriages, Brides in Photo Gallery page
"A Country Location"  Smokey Point, Wa.
                   A lovely place!!!
Bride and her wedding carriage
University of Washington
Photo Gallery for Wedding Carriages, Brides
Edmonds Yacht Club,  Carriage rides for the
Photo gallery, wedding carriages, Brides
newest carriage, white body
style and burgundy interior,
wheels and shafts.
Bride, wedding carriage
Edmonds waterfront,  Bride and
Groom in their wedding carriage.
On this page you'll find
pictures of our wedding
carriages.  Most of
these are haul out jobs
we've done at our
Brides request. We've
been quite a few places
now in the years we've
been in business.  It's
always a great time for
all. The kids can feed
the horse.  The Bride
gets all her wedding
pictures. It's a
wonderful romantic way
of travel for the Bride
and Groom.  A beautiful
Wedding Carriage for
that special day.