Major / Percheron Draft horse
Major had previously worked in a
6 and 8 horse show hitch.  He
was a wheel horse with Craig
Wilder's show hitch.  As Craig
said, "He wants to be a carriage
Major is slow, relaxed and very
big.  He's our largest at 18 hands
2200 lbs Major is a 18 yr old this
yr.  He hasn't become a gourmet
of fine waterfront dining as of yet.  
However, carrots are always on
his mind. Come on down and
meet Major the Draft horse.
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Is an 12 yrs old this year.  
He came to us from Granite
Falls, Wa.   The people who
owned him liked how our
horses looked, and wanted
him to have a job. Horses
like to work and meet with
people. He's very friendly.
The young gal who owned
him was college bound.  
Very hard to get a horse this
big into College!!!

He's very sweet and into
meeting everyone... come on
out and visit. Troy is our
youngest Draft horse.  He
also gives kisses!!!         
Meet The Horses
Troy.  Shire/Percheron Draft horse
Major on the left and Troy on the right
Troy is now retired.  Living the life up North with a
new wonderful Mommy who loves him a lot.  We
have a new horse named Hammer a gray Percheron
who was also in the Wilder hitch.  He's a sweetie
and is doing a great job.  Picture soon to come.