1)  How old are the Draft horses?
 Currently our horses age range 9 to 11 years.
2)  What kind of horses are they? Is this a Morgan?
 No Morgans are not Draft horses.  Draft horses
 are commonly called plow horses.  These are the big
 boys for the big jobs.  They were bred to pull.
 Draft horses, also known as "The Gentle Giants"
 as they are very quiet animals.  This is why
 they're used for our Seattle horse carriages.

3)  How long can they work and live?
 Depends on the individual horse.
 They can live between
 30-40 years depending on health and care.
 Usually horses can  work  until their mid to late 20's
4)  Are carriage horses regulated?
 Yes.  Seattle's Animal Control monitors all the
  horses while they work in town.  Horses pass a
  physical every year by a licensed veterinarians.  No
  horse is allowed to work if the animal is in less than
  perfect condition, ill health or lame.  No horse
  is allowed to work greater than 5 straight days
  without a day off.
5)  What kind of shoes do they wear? how often are
 they shod and what's the cost?  There are two styles
 of shoeing for the Draft horses.  One is a two part
 shoe of metal and rubber.  The rubber is bolted to
 the bottom of the drilled and threaded steel.  The
 second style is a regular steel shoe with a rubber
 pad under the hoof.  It then has borium melted to
 the bottom of the shoe for traction.  Costs run
 between $150/250 per horse every 6 to 8 weeks.

6)  Where do the horses live?
 Horses are hauled into Seattle only the days they
 work.  Our horses live in Redmond,  on 5 acres
 with a 6 stall barn.  Average days will find them
 out playing in the fields.
7)  How do the horses get into town?
 Our horses are hauled in a 24 ft. horse trailer.
 Carriages are stored in Seattle.

8)  How hard do the horses work?
 Hardly at all.  The carriages are easily pulled,
 empty we can pull them.  The carriages have
 rubber rimmed tires, bearings on the axles, and
 roll on usually smooth concrete.  We do monitor
 the hills we pull.  We will never ask our horses
 to pull very steep hills.
9)  Can we pet the horses?
 Yes you may, thank you for asking and please
 pet the horses on their backs or shoulders.
 As they don't like people in their face.
 (think about it...would you like someone
   petting your face all day long???)
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At the farm.......
Our farm is located on Union Hill, in  Redmond, Wa.
The horses have a 6 stall barn and turned out on 5 acres.
The days you don't see our horses in town working,
they are playing hard, turned out, and "free" to do as they

Our horses have a very light schedule, never exceeding
city regulations.  In summers they average a 2 days of
a week and during Christmas they average a 4 day
"What union do they belong to???"
Seattle horse carriages
Seattle horse carriage, Draft horses
Come on down to the Seattle waterfront
and visit with us.  Children may feed the horses carrots,
seattle horse carriage, Gentle Giants, Draft horses
We hope you've enjoyed our FAQ's page as we've answered most of
our standard Draft Horse, Gentle Giants and Seattle horse carriage
If you need more information just give us a call.
We're in love with our Gentle Giants, we hope you are too.!